The Wonders of Mulberry for Your Skin

And yet another wonder of the earth that provides our skin with some amazing benefits.  What are these mulberries all about?!

Like all berries, mulberries contain lots of anti-oxidants. These are very beneficial for controlling aging. They are well known and very effective anti-aging agents. The properties of mulberries help you by clearing out dark spots and getting rid of all kinds of blemishes on the facial skin. Yes, we like that, right?

The berries, roots, and bark of mulberry are all ingredients for healthy and glowing skin.
Mulberry root not only stimulates collagen production, but it also has a strong brightening effect, lightening sun and age spots. Moreover, the root extract has a strong anti-inflammatory effect on skin, healing and calming irritations.

Mulberries are full of nutrients for dull and tired skin including: organic acids, vitamins, carotenoids, flavonoids, and pectins. They hydrate skin and protect from UV damage. Mulberries extract is safe and beneficial for eye care too, as it helps to lighten dark circles.

SMD Korea has Mulberries as one of their essential ingredients in the Li Sil skincare line coming to the U.S. in 2016!



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