Before and Afters…

I love sharing our before and after posts…it is so exciting and rewarding to see people skin heal of acne, scarring, age or sun spots from SMD Cosmetic products.  Here are some that came through today on FB!

Post number 1:

OK, my sweet daughter is such a sport for letting me share her before and after pics! THIS DRASTIC TRANSFORMATION HAS TAKEN PLACE IN TWO WEEKS!!! We are so thrilled with the results of the SMD Cosmetic’s AloGel Skin Perfecting Botanical and the Replenishing Volcanic Ash Mask from Fenix that she isn’t bothered by her teenage acne anymore!! This hit her out of nowhere! We tried everything! Who would have thought? The partners of SMD both experienced this miraculous transformation (adult acne) with this product and told me that I had to try this on her. It is FABULOUS! This gel is all natural and non toxic. And, it’s a rare aloe formula that absorbs into the skin so you can apply makeup over it. She puts this on morning and night. And the mask by Fenix draws out impurities and is also toxin free. She is thrilled and so am I!!! The direct links are below. If you have a membership you get 25% off all of your orders!


Post number #2 Liliana has been using the Saromae Brightening line for age and sun spots for just 3 weeks now!  She has has the Inhyunjin travel set!  They are rocking!!


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The Story Behind SMD Cosmetics…

After a decade of a friendship Lauren Ing and Amoreena Berg had gone through years of struggling with acne prone skin. Together, they had tried all types of products: expensive, mass, organic, prescription and cosmaceuticals, loaded with harsh chemicals, and even concoctions prepared at home, such as coconut oil. They changed their diet, cleansed, cut out dairy, and still they faced irritated angry skin. And, unfortunately, nothing showed lasting results. Lauren started to see real results with Saimdang Cosmetics’ line of natural, herbal-medicinal based products, which she shared with Amoreena. When both of them saw AMAZING results, they were hooked!! Coincidentally, Saimdang Cosmetics was exploring the idea of launching its premium, natural, herbal medicinal based skincare products in the United States. Saimdang, founded over 20 years ago, was one of the first natural skincare companies based on herbal medicinal formulations. This began the start of SMD Cosmetics International.

_MG_7431 Lauren SMD


My vision was to provide EFFECTIVE, UNIQUE, PREMIUM, LUXURY skincare
that was also natural, safe and non-toxic. I knew there was natural skincare out there
and also luxury skincare, but nothing that provided both of these qualifications in a
way that didn’t feel like a sacrifice of one or the other. I want women to feel that they
are making their skin more beautiful, youthful, radiant but without sacrificing peace
of mind and health.

I am like many of you, I, too, struggled with terrible skin. I suffered from acne, acne-
scarring, allergic-reactions, sensitive skin, dry-patches, oily-patches, redness, and breakout. It caused me to feel self-conscious, depressed and hopeless about myself
and my skin. I had tried all types of products: expensive, mass, organic, prescription
and cosmaceuticals, loaded with harsh chemicals, and even concoctions prepared at
home. I changed my diet and cleansed and cut out dairy and still I faced irritated and
angry skin. And, unfortunately, nothing showed lasting results. I started to see real
results with Saimdang Cosmetics’ line of natural, herbal-medicinal based products.
When I saw AMAZING results, I was hooked!! Coincidentally, Saimdang Cosmetics,
was exploring the idea of launching its premium, natural, herbal medicinal based
skincare products in the United States. Saimdang, founded over 20 years ago, was one
of the first natural skincare companies based on herbal medicinal formulations. This
began the start of SMD Cosmetics International.


_MG_7034 SMD

I found myself as an adult fighting acne, so by the time I met Lauren, I was already deep
into my search to find relief. I sought out weekly facials, dermatologists, medication,
supplements, eliminated food groups, experimented with chemical peels…ect.. You name
it, I have tried it! I was truly at my wits end. After testing positive for the BRCA cancer
genetic gene several years ago I decided I needed to take a walk down the natural, safe and non toxic path. I found out that natural meant that it was not only ineffective, but it still caused breakout! It was starting to effect my self-esteem, which made me feel depressed. I finally resorted to using organic coconut oil and organic sunscreen. It did somewhat help, in the sense that it wasn’t harming my skin, but it never gave me a youthful radiant glow… One of my fears, when starting this journey, was how my skin would react to SMD Cosmetic’s products. My first reaction was, “ I can’t sell skincare! My face is a wreck!” To my shock and surprise, my skin has never looked or felt this good! I am continually amazed that I no longer have to fight the constant acne war. It is now my passion to share with others my story and help others feel good about their skin!

For further information on SMD’s Products.

Finally a Night Cream that will Brighten Your Day

SMD Cosmetics night cream unlocks power of ancient herbs,
enhances natural effects of “beauty sleep”

Following the tremendous success of their celebrity-coveted Inhyunjin collection, award-winning skin care company SMD Cosmetics’ breakthrough night cream enhances the body’s own natural processes to restore beauty and reverse signs of aging. The first of its
kind, the Inhyunjin Cream Intensive Night Repair harnesses the medicinal
benefits of over 30 patented, active ingredients, processed 9 times over a
period of 50 days for a uniquely potent formula that absorbs easily, and works
exactly when skin needs it most: at night.

While you sleep, skin enters recovery mode. Body temperature lowers,
making the skin more permeable, and natural hormones go to work boosting
collagen production, detoxifying and reconstructing cells, and counteracting
damage from UV rays, pollution, and free radicals. Scientifically formulated to
penetrate deep into cells, Inhyunjin Cream Night Intensive Repair has 6 unique
and powerful active ingredients that boost the recovery and renewal process
while maintaining skin’s essential moisture to prevent signs of aging, and
restore radiance.

Packed with amino acids that protect skin from damage and improve cell
reconstruction, SMD’s patented night cream contains herbal to medicinal anti-
inflammatory tannins to reduce redness and irritation, while strengthening
capillaries to improve skin texture and tone. Upon waking, skin is healthier,
firmer, and silky smooth. For best results, use with complete Inhyunjin skin care
ritual, massaging cream on face and neck in an upward and outward motion
following Inhyunjin Emulsion. A little goes a long way with this powerful formula,
and one jar can last up to 6-8 months with nightly use. Visit to learn more about the Inhyunjin collection, and to
purchase Inhyunjin Cream Intensive Night Repair.

About SMD Cosmetics:
SMD Cosmetics offers a premium line of award-winning, natural skincare
products from South Korea. Founded over 20 years ago, SMD Cosmetics has
perfected their patented formulas by using the most advanced natural skincare
technology in combination with Asian herbal medicinal wisdom that is truly
authentic. SMD Cosmetics is one of Korea’s most prestigious, top-selling
skincare lines formulated by a team of researchers and chemists to revive,
replenish and rejuvenate your skin using the power of nature and innovative
technology. For more information, visit the site at:

What is in your skin lightening, brightening, whitening products?

There definitely is a trend in skin lightening and brightening products so I wanted to take some time to educate on the differences out there and what a consumer should be aware of.

Hydroquinone, in the past, was the standard ingredient for skin lightening treatments. Until recently, it was thought to be the safest and most effective treatment for hyperpigmentation, including age spots, melasma, sun damage and other discolorations. However, new research suggests that there may be serious side effects associated with long term use of synthetic hydroquinone. Just recently the FDA also announced its plans to possibly remove hydroquinone based products from store shelves and limit its use to only prescription based medications. Consequently, many manufacturers have begun to produce natural alternatives which mimic the skin lightening properties of hydroquinone. Ingredients such as kojic acid and licorice have become quite popular along with more advanced ingredients like Alpha-Arbutin. When combined, these ingredients can often produce results that even surpass hydroquinone but without the associated risks. Skin lighteners have come a long way in the past few years!! There is no reason to use these harsh chemicals that are just truly a hazard to your skin and health!

The process of lightening the skin occurs in several stages. Most of the current skin lightening ingredients on the market work at different stages of the process and typically provide the best results when combined together into one product. Listed below are a few of the more popular ingredients used by manufacturers of skin whitening products.

Alpha Arbutin:
Alpha-Arbutin is a bio-synthetic active ingredient that is pure, water-soluble and is manufactured in a powder form. As one of the most advanced skin lightening ingredients on the market, it has been shown to work effectively on all skin types. It is the epimer of arbutin, and research has proven that it has a stronger inhibitory action than that of (beta) arbutin. Though it is a very expensive ingredient to manufacture, even at very low concentrations, a-arbutin has shown to inhibit the activity of tyrosinase. Alpha Arbutin’s inhibitory mechanism is different from that of arbutin and can be up to 10 times more effective. The a-glucosidic bond found in alpha Arbutin offers higher stability and efficancy than the B form found in the related Beta-Arbutin. This leads to a skin whitening active that acts faster and more efficiently than existing single components.

Beta-Arbutin (Bearberry Extract):
Beta-Arbutin is often referred to as just Arbutin. As a natural extract found in bearberry (Uva Ursi) plants, Arbutin also provides a skin lightening effect on the skin by inhibiting tyrosinase activity. Though arbutin is a natural derivative of hydroquinone, it does not possess the same risks or side effects. Arbutin has been shown to be a very safe ingredient and does not break down into hydroquionone very readily. Though it is cheaper to manufacture than Alpha-Arbutin, the skin lightening effect is much less than that of its counterpart. For this reason, many new skin whitening products now use Alpha Arbutin as opposed to only beta-Arbutin.

Kojic Acid:
Kojic acid, often used as an ingredient in Asian diets, is a more recent discovery for the treatment of pigmentation problems and age spots. Discovered in 1989, kojic acid is now used extensively as a natural alternative to hydroquinone. Kojic acid is derived from a fungus, and studies have shown that it is effective as a lightening agent, inhibiting production of melanin (brown pigment). Kojic acid is a by-product in the fermentation process of malting rice for use in the manufacturing of sake, the Japanese rice wine. There is convincing research, both in vitro (in a test tube) and in vivo (on a live subject), showing kojic acid to be effective for inhibiting melanin production.

Licorice Extract:
The licorice plant serves many purposes in skin care. The ingredient that is responsible for the skin whitening aspect of the plant is known as glabridin. Glabridin inhibits pigmentation by preventing tyrosinase activation. Studies have shown that it can provide a considerable skin brightening effect while remaining non-toxic to the melanin forming cells. Glabridin is found in very small traces and therefore it is important to ensure that the correct part of the licorice plant is used. Licorice’s anti-inflammatory properties (due to ihibition of superoxide anion production and cyclooxygenase activity) also make it a very popular ingredient in the skin care industry.

Niacinamide is commonly known as Vitamin B3 and is an effective skin lightening compound that works by inhibiting melanosome transfer from melanocytes to keratinocytes. Often this ingredient works best when combined with other skin lightening treatments. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) is also known to be effective in reducing acne.

Mulberry Extract:
Paper Mulberry extract, is obtained from the root of Broussonetia kazinoki, Siebold. or B. papyrifera, Vent. Tabl. Regn. Veget. or hybrids of both, family Moraceae. Extracts of this root are potent inhibitors of Tyrosinase enzyme. The active constituents present in the extract are Prenylated, polyhydroxylated mono-and bis-phenylderivatives. A 0.4% concentration of paper mulberry extract inhibits tyrosinase by 50% compared to 5.5% for hydroquinone and 10.0% for kojic acid. At 1% paper mulberry extract is not a significant irritant.

Glycolic Acid:
Glycolic Acid is a AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) which promotes exfoliation and a natural brightening of the skin tone. By encouraging cell turnover, glycolic acid not only evens out skin discolorations, but also helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. AHA’s such as Glycolic Acid can assist other ingredients in skin lighteners by allowing them to penetrate farther into the skin.

Lactic Acid:
Also an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), Lactic acid mimics the properties of Glycolic acid but is typically better suited for individuals with sensitive skin. AHA’s such as Lacic Acid can assist other ingredients in skin lighteners by allowing them to penetrate farther into the skin.

Lemon Juice Extract:
Lemon juice is one of nature’s most potent skin bleaching ingredients. Unfortunately it is also very irritating to the skin and should only be used at small concentrations in skin lighteners. Lemon juice is also known to be extremely drying to the skin if applied directly.

Emblica is a patented composition extracted from the plant Phyllanthus emblica. The extract uses a multilevel cascade of antioxidant compounds resulting in a long-lasting and stable antioxidant activity. Recent studies have shown that this natural antioxidant also provides significant skin lightening properties when used in moderate concentrations.

Vitamin C:
Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that occurs in many different forms (some stable and others unstable) each with distinct properties. Several of these forms have been shown to reduce melanin formation and provide a skin whitening effect when applied topically. These include l-ascorbic acid, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate and sodium ascorbyl phosphate. These forms when used individually or together can assist in slowing down hyperactive melanocytes and thus resulting in lighter skin.

At SMD Cosmetics we only use safe, natural brightening ingredients such as beta-arbutin bearberryry (Uva Ursi) plant, licorice extract, mulberry extract, niacinamide, and vitamin C. The Saromae Radiance Line is the brightening line with almost all of these ingredients, however the Saromae Snail Serum and Inhyunjin Line do contain some of these ingredients.  IF skin brightening is your main goal definitely go for Saromae Radiance!

Snail Serum Korean Skincare…

As soon as the weather begins to warm up and hit the 70’s and 80’s, our skin gets exposed to the sun. While we know the sun can cause sunburn and skin cancer, it can also cause you to gradually lose moisture and oil. This can make your skin appear dry, flaky and prematurely wrinkled. It can be hard to find the right beauty product to actually reverse the effects of the sun and have your skin looking and feeling radiant. An innovative natural Korean skin care line uses ancient herbal ingredients in their products. This addition to their skincare products is the exact solution you need for relieving your dry skin during the warmer seasons!

Dry skin will be the least of your worries this summer with these simple ancient herbal ingredients! Snail Serum in Korean Skincare takes your skin to the next level!

Found here: Saromae Snail Serum Concentrate

SMD Cosmetics is an effective, unique, premium, luxury skincare that is also natural, safe and non-toxic. SMD cosmetics was the first Korean skin care line to offer a non-toxic, safe, natural, premium herbal medicinal-based line. Since launching in the U.S., SMD products are being used by top celebrity makeup artists who have discovered how powerful natural skin care can really be, and how your skin can transform with the right products.

The Saromae Snail Serum Concentrate is a Korean skincare serum that is their best selling product and is the perfected result of combining the precise formulation of natural ingredients and ancient herbal science. It contains 62% pure snail filtrate extract, which is the perfect balance of efficacy and texture. This cruelty-free, all-in-one formula reduces wrinkles, dullness, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and acne scarring. It also deeply hydrates, reverses signs of aging and brightens the skin.

Sorry, But Korean Sunscreens Are Better Than Western Ones

I absolutely love this article so I had to repost!

There’s not much that makes a whole lot of us feel like a little kid being force-fed vegetables like the constant reminders to apply sunscreen — every day, several times a day, and also all over. Sunscreen is probably one of the most inelegant beauty or health necessities — sometimes it smells weird, but mostly it feels like a layer of pore-clogging grease that rarely if ever plays nicely with makeup or moisturizers. But you’ve got to use it! We’re all pretty caught up on how important sun protection is not only for our health, but also for the purpose of “anti-aging” if that’s a concern of yours.

Speaking of prioritizing sun protection, Koreans are the most extra folks in terms of skin care (think 10-step daily skin care routines and weekly facial visits as standard practice) so they would be the ones most likely making the most top shelf sunscreens. Korean beauty culture prizes smooth even dewy skin as the epitome of conventional beauty, so it makes a lot of sense that their competitive beauty market is constantly innovating sunscreen formulas to give consumers the protection they require with the texture, feel, and wear that any makeup-wearing (or makeup-hating) person would demand. If you’re use to the goopy white cast of most sunscreens you find in a lot of western drugstores or beauty shops, going so far to even skip the SPF in favor of a more preferable complexion feel, a) what are you even DOING, and b) get thee a Korean sunscreen and have your sun protection bases properly handled.

This Gory Blackhead Video Has Been Watched More Than 24 Million Times

As someone who’s been singing the praises of Korean sunscreens for the past few years now, I can tell you that I’ve tried a handful and the most noticeable difference is the texture and wear. Sun protection should always be the outermost layer of your skin care routine, topping your moisturizer, and I find that Korean sunscreens are always light, easily spreadable and leave no visible trace or cast behind. Many even incorporate skin care benefits like hydration, antioxidants and skin tone-evening ingredients as a one-step product to do heavy lifting on top of your moisturizer and serums.

I consulted Toronto-based cosmetic chemist, Stephen Ko, as to what exactly makes Korean sunscreens dare-I-say “superior” to Western ones — at least in terms not sacrificing protection for texture.

“It’s not that South Korea has something specifically unique that allows them to create better sunscreens,” Ko says, “They just have access to more sunscreen ingredients to work with.” In the US, sunscreens are a considered a drug under the FDA so they’re tested for their ability to protect skin from UVB and UVA rays but aren’t required to go through the formal drug approval process. “Sunscreen chemicals on the other hand do need to go through the formal drug approval process, and because of this there hasn’t been a new one approved for use in sunscreens in the US since 1999,” Ko explains.

In countries like South Korea, that approval process is much quicker. These newer innovative sunscreen formulas improve on issues older formulas have, like “photostability, a larger molecular size to reduce skin penetration and a broader absorption spectrum — especially into UVA.” In the US, the main chemicals that protect against UVA are avobenzone, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

“We are terribly behind the rest of the world in approving sunscreens that are superior to those we have,” says Dr. Vivian Bucay, MD at the Bucay Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics. “Sunscreen formulations undergo a standardized testing method to determine what degree of protection it offers.” She agreed that the list of approved sunscreen ingredients by the FDA hasn’t been updated in years.

Dermatologist and Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC, Dr. Joshua Zeichner, added that “outside of the United States there are many sunscreen ingredients that cannot be used here yet. Many of these may be coming to the United States in the next few years [that] offer high quality protection against long range UVA rays which may be superior to some of the currently used sunscreen blockers in the US.” He reminds us that SPF only refers to protection from UVB — not UVA — rays. If you want to cover both, you need to use a sunscreen that’s labeled “broad spectrum.”

If you’ve ever seen a sunscreen offered by a Korean beauty brand, you may see that instead of “SPF” it’ll say “PA” with a number of “+” afterwards.

“PA is a based on the PPD test, or the persistent pigmentation darkening test. It measures the multiple increase of UVA a person can theoretically be exposed to without tanning or darkening of the skin,” Ko explained. “The PA system ranges from PA+ to PA++++. PA++++; the maximum rating means it has a PPD value of 16. This means that a person can theoretically withstand at least 16 times more UVA radiation before tanning with the sunscreen on compared to without.”

But how does that compare to the SPF rating we’re all use to seeing? Dr. Zeichner chimed in, “When used properly there is little difference between sunscreens above SPF 30. However, in the real world we apply less sunscreen than we should and we do not reapply. That is why I recommend using sunscreens with higher SPF values, as it serves as a safety net to ensure the highest quality protection for the longest period of time.”

As to why many western sunscreens insist on the condiment-like consistency, Dr. Bucay surmises, “I suspect that it’s probably because it’s less expensive to produce less cosmetically elegant sunscreen formulations.” She does have a few tips for getting your SPF right though: “SPF’s are not additive, meaning that wearing an SPF 20 moisturizer and an SPF 30 makeup does not equal SPF 50. The clock starts ticking once the products are applied, so the SPF 30 will keep working longer than the 20,” she warns. As for what order to apply when layering sunscreens, “I recommend that patients apply serums and lightweight products first and sunscreen as the last thing before makeup. Many of the newer and more elegant sunscreens are tinted and feel like primers, making them easy to use.”

This Just In: Joico Blonde Life Brightening Masque, Chanel Ombre Premiere Eyeshadow Cream and SMD Cosmetics Inhyunjin collection

Joico's Blonde Life Brightening Masque.

Joico’s Blonde Life Brightening Masque. Handout photo / PNG


Blonde Life Brightening Masque

They say: To help with the high maintenance of a blond mane, Joico says it delivers a product specially formulated to keep the horrible Bs (brassiness, brittleness and breakage) at bay.

We say: This masque is a moisturizing machine. Our tester’s hair, thanks to an abundance of beachy blond highlights and its natural curl, is as dry as an Arizona acreage. Top-notch conditioners are the only way she can combat the frizz, and this masque lived up to its smoothing hype. Our tester especially liked that she could rinse lightly, leaving in some of the non-greasy, fresh-smelling (very light vanilla and citrus) masque as a styling product.

$25.95 for 150 mL | Select salons


Ombre Premiere Eyeshadow Cream

They say: A long-wearing cream eyeshadow that “glides on effortlessly to leave an elegant satin finish.”

We say: Our tester tried the hue Scintillanc, a shimmery champagne colour that gave lids a dreamy, slightly shiny appeal. Think all cream shadows end in a creasy mess? Think again. These eyeshadow pots deliver fully saturated colour that lasts all day without crinkles and creases, even on greasy lids.

$40 | Chanel counters


SMD Cosmetics

Inhyunjin collection

They say: A collection of skin care products that harness the power of, “premium and rare natural Asian herbs and probiotics” to help improve skin’s hydration, regeneration and overall radiance.

We say: We could all use a bit of a boost in the moisture and radiance department after a long, wet spring. This collection left our tester’s skin feeling soothed and happy post-use.

From $82 USD |

Top 5 Best Bridal Beauty Products


With June just around the corner that can mean only one thing…Wedding Season is upon us. This year it’s extra special because I, like so many others before me, join the ranks as I go from bridesmaid…to bride!

I know, I can’t believe it either. It seems like only yesterday I was sitting front row during L.A. Fashion Week wondering which designers to cover, picking out my outfits weeks in advance, prepping for editorial shoots and trying to navigate L.A.’s crazy dating scene. Now I’m 5 ½ months away from saying “I Do” and we just bought six house plants. My how times have changed–but I digress.

Going from bridesmaid to bride can be a little scary, there’s so much to be done, vendors to coordinate, invitations to send out and parties to attend that you can sometimes forget about taking care of yourself! But, this is hardly the time to forget about you! Or your bridal party for that matter, as any of the products mentioned below can work wonders for your bride-tribe. So without further ado, I give you–the Top 5 Best Bridal Beauty Products according to, well, myself. In no particular order:

1) DDF Glycolic Toning Complex – On your wedding day you want to put your best face forward. Heck, that’s every day, who am I kidding. For that, I turn to Dr. Howard Sobel’s DDF Glycolic Toning Complex. It’s a toner that may help to minimize the appearance of fine lines, reduce the look of pore size (good for photo-ops), and helps to improve the texture of your skin.

It’s formulated with AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) which is known to help increase surface cell turnover (make sure to wear sunscreen as this ingredient has been known to increase your risk of developing a sunburn) for that youthful glow every bride-to-be needs! It’s safe to use multiple times a day, or after cleansing as a toner. Think of it as a quadruple threat as it can cleanse, treat, moisturize, and protect. So have at it ladies, I know I’ll be using this product daily (or once a week) as I begin my final approach to that alter.

2) Malin + Goetz Revitalizing Eye CreamEveryone knows’s I’m a crier, I’m not ashamed of it–I tend to cry at the drop of a hat. A baby kitten is saved from a fire, those SPCA commercial’s with Sarah McLachlan in the background–yup I’m sobbing. Along with the tears comes puffy eyes, and no one wants that, especially on their wedding day. But Malin + Goetz takes it one step further, this eye cream is like a genie in a bottle–except it’s not a bottle so much as it’s a blue little pot of gold. When I say little, I mean little. The .05fl.oz will set you back $92.00 but for good reason—it’s intense and a little goes a long way.

De-puff, and reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and dark circles with Malin + Goetz revitalizing eye cream. The cream for brides, MOTB, bridesmaids, grandma, you get the idea. The advanced firming peptides, marine algae, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil deliver a lightweight intense moisturized feeling, that will leave you and your eyes I-do ready in no time.

3) The MAKEUP Drop Everyone’s obsessed with beauty blenders, brushes, and blobs. Okay, the last one I made up, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s in the works. That said, there are more ways than ever to apply your concealer, foundation, BB Cream or whatever current coverup you are toting. Each method has its pluses and its minuses, each one can do wonders for your makeup regimen and look. However, today, I’m here to introduce you brides and brides-to-be to the Makeup Drop.

This silicon little gem is cruelty-free, non-toxic, and paraben-free. Plus, it doesn’t soak up all of your product like some of those other applicators. It’s smooth surface and texture helps to glide foundation or product clear across your skin. Like ice-skating, on a pristine clean sheet of ice, The Makeup Drop will leave your skin flawless, like you’ve been kissed by air. Which is good, because on your wedding day you definitely will be floating-on-air, so why not also be kissed by it? Am I right?!

The best part, there are multiple ways to use your Drop. Freeze it and apply your moisturizer under the eye for a quick de-puff before your close up. Use it on lip stains to dab a drop of color on your pout, or smear it across your visage for an all over smooth finish. Ladies, I’m sold! Stop. Drop. and Makeup with The Makeup Drop.

4) Philip B. Rejuvenating Oil Treatment – Your tresses are one of the main attractions on your wedding day, so you want to be sure your hair is in tip-top shape for the big day. One way to do just that is by prepping. You definitely want to start early, and I suggest using Philip B. Rejuvenating Oil Treatment at least once a month leading up to the big day. Try once a month, see how it goes, if you still notice dryness up the amount. The Philip B. team recommends the below guidelines for just starting out.

For parched or damaged hair–use twice a week; on dry hair, once a week; and on normal hair 1-4 times a month. For a dehydrated scalp, use once or twice a week.

Be sure to follow the directions carefully, and always practice good judgment when trying new products. If you have fine to oily hair this may not be the right product for you. However, if you have coarse, thick, and color-treated hair like me–then this is definitely the product for you! Give it a whirl, just make sure you try the product well before your wedding. I don’t want to hear about any day-of I do disasters. I’ve touted the miracle that is Philip B. on WFTR for the last couple of years. Trust me, it’s one of those products you’ve got to try.

5) SMD Cosmetics Snail Secretion Cream –  Now I know what your thinking…what the heck, Dana is losing it. But, fear not friends, this stuff is the ish. Yeah, it’s 62% snail secretion, yeah…it’s snail secretion…but there’s more to it than just snail juice.

According to SMD’s website, Saromae Quintessential Snail Serum is

a natural innovative skin – restoring solution, for even the most sensitive skin…Designed to offer the perfect balance of natural ingredients, formulation, and viscosity to achieve optimum results in feel, absorption, and efficacy.  Help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, hyperpigmentation, sun damage and acne scarring to help restore youth and beauty. Ancient Herbal Science combined with breakthrough innovation, this high-performance, multi-functional serum is designed to do it ALL: deeply hydrate, help reverse and prevent signs of aging, help repair and brighten skin and help protect against environmental aggressors.”

As mentioned before it’s not just snail secretion there’s also Forsythia Virdissima Fruit, which helps to reduce the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. Licorice Root helps to brighten the skin and even skin tone. Paeonia Lactiflora root, a super potent antioxidant that fights against free radicals. It’s also safe, non-toxic, dermatologist tested, cruelty-free, and NOT tested on animals. SMD cosmetics is at the forefront of #Kbeauty trend. That’s keyword speak for Korean Beauty Trend–which is having a revitalization and explosion in the American market. SMD Cosmetics makes a ton of other beautiful skin products and kits if you aren’t quite ready to try the Snail Serum. However, I suggest you do—before you say I Do. Trust, this one is a game-changer.

So there you have it, the top 5 Best Bridal Beauty Products to try before your big day!

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Soothe, Tone and Restore Moisture for Glowing Summer Skin

Luxury Korean Beauty Gel Naturally Replenishes and Restores

It’s irresistible. The warmth of summer and the sensation of sun-kissed skin call to you. Still, there’s a cost. The sun drains moisture, leaving skin dry and vulnerable. SMD Cosmetics, the company that recently began sharing its Korean beauty secrets in the U.S., has a solution: “SMD’s AloGel Skin Perfecting Botanical.” An exclusive, premium aloe vera gel formulation that combines the anti-aging qualities of aloe with a unique and patented blend of powerful herbal antioxidants to help soothe, tone and restore moisture while giving you that radiant summer glow.

SMD Cosmetics (, from South Korea, has been the leader in innovative, natural and effective skin care products for decades, and only now is
releasing its luxurious products in the United States. SMD collections and unique
formulations are based on 2,000 years of Korean herbal skin care wisdom, which has
become the envy of the world in the art of defying age and retaining pristine skin.

Toni G., Makeup Artist for Angelina Jolie, puts her trust in SMD’s collection. “I’m very health conscious and aware that what you put on your body is as important as what you
put in your body,” she says. “So, when I discovered this natural skincare brand that was
not only good for my skin but fulfills its promises, I knew it was the real deal.”

SMD’s AloGel Skin Perfecting Botanical serum is a unique formula that takes the
already exalted status of Korean skincare, to the next level. AloGel’s premium formula
nourishes skin with over 75 beneficial nutrients that immediately help erase the
appearance of dry or irritated skin brought on by sun exposure. Some of the exclusive
natural ingredients in the AloGel are:

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, commonly known as aloe vera, is synonymous with soothing sunburns. This powerful and nutrient dense gel is at the core of the formula that reduces the appearance of dry skin by restoring suppleness. Vitamins C, E and beta carotene absorb directly and quickly for immediate results.

Morus Alba Bark Extract, or mulberry, is loaded with antioxidants known for brightening properties that produce smoothness and even tones.

Perilla Ocymoides Leaf Extract has one of the densest levels of Omega 3 fatty acids of any natural substance at 54 to 64 percent. The natural oil helps soothes sensitive skin and minimizes pores while helping to clean out clogged pores.

Wild Sesame Leaf Extract is a natural antioxidant that absorbs into skin and boosts energy to rejuvenate cells.

Propolis extract provides an antibacterial quality in addition to its antioxidant
properties to build skin health.

Mulberry root extract improves skin tone and protects and soothes skin

Ingredients are everything. Bloomberg News recently reported, “No evidence of Aloe
Vera found in the Aloe Vera at Walmart, CVS,” which should be concerning to
consumers expecting to use the soothing botanical gel on their skin. 1 SMD’s AloGel
Skin Perfecting Botanical serum delivers on unmatched quality. SMD Cosmetics is
“nature perfected,” because their products use the power of nature’s ingredients
combined with the wisdom of ancient herbal science. Their advanced, patented
technology gives us the difference of innovative, active components that make SMD’s
products so different from anything else on the market.

Men and children may also benefit from AloGel. It may help to soothe skin after some
fun in the sun, and it helps to prevent the look of dry, dehydrated, tired skin after
summer travel. AloGel can be used after cleansing and before moisturizing to enhance
any skincare regimen. Keep it in the refrigerator and apply cold AloGel to a clean face to
maximize absorption, minimize pores and restore a youthful radiant suppleness to your

Celebrity makeup artist for the hit TV show “This Is Us,” Elizabeth Hoel-Chang,
understands the importance of natural Korean skincare. “It’s not only about great skin,
but also giving people the confidence and knowledge of what they are putting on their
skin, a healthy, nutritional element to help preserve themselves,” she says. “In a day
and age of snake oil tonics and empty promises, this SMD Cosmetics line is the miracle
and truth people need to know about and have the ability to get it for themselves
because they deserve it!” 22/no-evidence- of-aloe- vera-found- in-the-aloe-vera- at-wal- mart-cvs

About SMD Cosmetics:
SMD Cosmetics offers a premium line of award-winning, natural skincare products from
South Korea. Founded over 20 years ago, SMD Cosmetics has perfected its patented
formulas by using the most advanced natural skincare technology in combination with
Asian herbal medicinal wisdom that is truly authentic. SMD has over 39 patents and
has created over 26 ingredients. It is still the only company in the whole cosmetic
industry in Korea to have ever been awarded the prestigious Presidential Award for
excellence. SMD Cosmetics is one of Korea’s most prestigious, top-selling skincare
lines formulated by a team of researchers and chemists to revive, replenish and
rejuvenate your skin using the power of nature and innovative technology. For more
information, visit the site at:


I am always looking for a new anti-aging and antioxidant skin care item and I love a job that allows me to try all different ones.  Alogel is super lightweight and I have been applying it in the morning and evening to my face and neck.  It has a really fresh scent that I actually look forward to!  This is ancient Korean Skin Care and all these products contain herbal and natural ingredients instead of all the harsh and confusing chemicals.  So many additional products to choose from.  I really feel like my skin is getting back on track from the drying and trying winter.  For the upcoming summer heat, I am going to pop this into the refrigerator so that it is chilled and ready to soothe my sun-kissed skin!  I can actually feel the extracts doing their thing; skin is brighter and healthier in just a couple of days use.  This bottle is around $30; check it out now so you are ready for the warm weather on its way!
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