Soothe, Tone and Restore Moisture for Glowing Summer Skin

Luxury Korean Beauty Gel Naturally Replenishes and Restores

It’s irresistible. The warmth of summer and the sensation of sun-kissed skin call to you. Still, there’s a cost. The sun drains moisture, leaving skin dry and vulnerable. SMD Cosmetics, the company that recently began sharing its Korean beauty secrets in the U.S., has a solution: “SMD’s AloGel Skin Perfecting Botanical.” An exclusive, premium aloe vera gel formulation that combines the anti-aging qualities of aloe with a unique and patented blend of powerful herbal antioxidants to help soothe, tone and restore moisture while giving you that radiant summer glow.

SMD Cosmetics (, from South Korea, has been the leader in innovative, natural and effective skin care products for decades, and only now is
releasing its luxurious products in the United States. SMD collections and unique
formulations are based on 2,000 years of Korean herbal skin care wisdom, which has
become the envy of the world in the art of defying age and retaining pristine skin.

Toni G., Makeup Artist for Angelina Jolie, puts her trust in SMD’s collection. “I’m very health conscious and aware that what you put on your body is as important as what you
put in your body,” she says. “So, when I discovered this natural skincare brand that was
not only good for my skin but fulfills its promises, I knew it was the real deal.”

SMD’s AloGel Skin Perfecting Botanical serum is a unique formula that takes the
already exalted status of Korean skincare, to the next level. AloGel’s premium formula
nourishes skin with over 75 beneficial nutrients that immediately help erase the
appearance of dry or irritated skin brought on by sun exposure. Some of the exclusive
natural ingredients in the AloGel are:

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, commonly known as aloe vera, is synonymous with soothing sunburns. This powerful and nutrient dense gel is at the core of the formula that reduces the appearance of dry skin by restoring suppleness. Vitamins C, E and beta carotene absorb directly and quickly for immediate results.

Morus Alba Bark Extract, or mulberry, is loaded with antioxidants known for brightening properties that produce smoothness and even tones.

Perilla Ocymoides Leaf Extract has one of the densest levels of Omega 3 fatty acids of any natural substance at 54 to 64 percent. The natural oil helps soothes sensitive skin and minimizes pores while helping to clean out clogged pores.

Wild Sesame Leaf Extract is a natural antioxidant that absorbs into skin and boosts energy to rejuvenate cells.

Propolis extract provides an antibacterial quality in addition to its antioxidant
properties to build skin health.

Mulberry root extract improves skin tone and protects and soothes skin

Ingredients are everything. Bloomberg News recently reported, “No evidence of Aloe
Vera found in the Aloe Vera at Walmart, CVS,” which should be concerning to
consumers expecting to use the soothing botanical gel on their skin. 1 SMD’s AloGel
Skin Perfecting Botanical serum delivers on unmatched quality. SMD Cosmetics is
“nature perfected,” because their products use the power of nature’s ingredients
combined with the wisdom of ancient herbal science. Their advanced, patented
technology gives us the difference of innovative, active components that make SMD’s
products so different from anything else on the market.

Men and children may also benefit from AloGel. It may help to soothe skin after some
fun in the sun, and it helps to prevent the look of dry, dehydrated, tired skin after
summer travel. AloGel can be used after cleansing and before moisturizing to enhance
any skincare regimen. Keep it in the refrigerator and apply cold AloGel to a clean face to
maximize absorption, minimize pores and restore a youthful radiant suppleness to your

Celebrity makeup artist for the hit TV show “This Is Us,” Elizabeth Hoel-Chang,
understands the importance of natural Korean skincare. “It’s not only about great skin,
but also giving people the confidence and knowledge of what they are putting on their
skin, a healthy, nutritional element to help preserve themselves,” she says. “In a day
and age of snake oil tonics and empty promises, this SMD Cosmetics line is the miracle
and truth people need to know about and have the ability to get it for themselves
because they deserve it!” 22/no-evidence- of-aloe- vera-found- in-the-aloe-vera- at-wal- mart-cvs

About SMD Cosmetics:
SMD Cosmetics offers a premium line of award-winning, natural skincare products from
South Korea. Founded over 20 years ago, SMD Cosmetics has perfected its patented
formulas by using the most advanced natural skincare technology in combination with
Asian herbal medicinal wisdom that is truly authentic. SMD has over 39 patents and
has created over 26 ingredients. It is still the only company in the whole cosmetic
industry in Korea to have ever been awarded the prestigious Presidential Award for
excellence. SMD Cosmetics is one of Korea’s most prestigious, top-selling skincare
lines formulated by a team of researchers and chemists to revive, replenish and
rejuvenate your skin using the power of nature and innovative technology. For more
information, visit the site at:


I am always looking for a new anti-aging and antioxidant skin care item and I love a job that allows me to try all different ones.  Alogel is super lightweight and I have been applying it in the morning and evening to my face and neck.  It has a really fresh scent that I actually look forward to!  This is ancient Korean Skin Care and all these products contain herbal and natural ingredients instead of all the harsh and confusing chemicals.  So many additional products to choose from.  I really feel like my skin is getting back on track from the drying and trying winter.  For the upcoming summer heat, I am going to pop this into the refrigerator so that it is chilled and ready to soothe my sun-kissed skin!  I can actually feel the extracts doing their thing; skin is brighter and healthier in just a couple of days use.  This bottle is around $30; check it out now so you are ready for the warm weather on its way!

What FINE Magazine has to say about SMD Cosmetics…

By Leigh-Anne Anderson

K-Beauty Trends

2017 is the year of gorgeous skin, and that’s why we had to look into this #Kbeauty trend. What’s all the hype about? Why is it such a topic of conversation? The trend is referred to as K-beauty, and it’s all about the ingredients. Celebrity make up artists are using it more and more too. We spoke with two notable celebrity makeup artists (MUAs) that shared their favorite #Kbeauty product and gave us some tips on trends to watch for this summer.

Here is Elizabeth Hoel-Chang, Celebrity Make Up Artist for the hit TV show This Is Us, on her summer skin care tips and tricks:

“I spritz a spray of rose water on my clean face before I put on my favorite natural Korean skin care products from SMD Cosmetics. I use Khiel’s SPF 50 facial sunscreen everyday under my makeup. I’ve been using SMD Cosmetics religiously since November, and now I’ve completely stopped wearing any foundation, because I don’t need it. The SMD Cleansing Oil is the perfect cleanser because it doesn’t strip my face of all the oil and disrupt my PH balance. It has been a life-saver for breakouts. Usually I’d have 4X the hormonal or summer breakouts using a stripping cleanser. I then apply a dusting of mineral powder on my face, concentrating mainly on my cheek area to correct my rocesa. Simple eyeliner and mascara, and fill in my brows. I apply a bit of bronzer or light pink blush on my cheeks and am on my way. I will sometimes blot my face with a light blotting powder, otherwise just let my face be as it is. Even if my mineral powder wears off over a long day at work, it doesn’t bother me now because my skin has repaired, plumped and become so hydrated from the help of SMD Saromae Snail Serum I also make sure I drink plenty of water and implicate more organic avocados in my diet since they are in season and are so good for your skin!”

Elizabeth Hoel-Chang

SMD Cosmetics produces one of the most popular prestigious skin care lines in South Korea, formulated on over 2,000 years of herbal medicine wisdom. It’s a natural, premium herbal medicinal-based line that is fairly new to the United States. SMD products are being used by top celebrity make-up artists, and are also now being sold at Nigel’s Beauty Emporium in Hollywood.

We also got to interview celebrity make-up artist and photographer, Troy Jensen, to give us this summer’s hottest skin care and make-up tips and this is what he had to say: 

“I like my “muses” to come to me with radiant glowing clear skin… I love SMD Cosmetics, a K-beauty brand new to the US… Some of my clients and I use the Saromae Snail Serum on the skin under make-up for radiance. I ease my clients (Jordan Sparks, Giuliana Rancic, and Mariah Carey to mention a few) into summer make up by first warming up their complexion. I choose a sheer foundation that will give them a warm wash of color.”


Jensen continues, “At the moment I’m obsessed with Dior Skin Nude Air Serum foundation. It’s so sheer, it literally looks invisible on the skin. Next I will add a peachy glow to the skin with Two Faced Cosmetics “sweet peach glow” pallet… it has a bronzer, a highlighter and a beautiful peach blush, to give you that instant beach babe look! I even dust a little highlighter and bronzer on the eyes and top of with this seasons IT beauty trend: tinted mascara (I love Benefit Cosmetics “there real mascara” in Beyond Blue. On the lips this summer, shimmer is a big trend and rose gold is really hot. Jouer Cosmetics has created a beautiful rose gold collection for the lips: I love “the long wear lip cream liquid lipstick in rose gold” and I go over it with Jouer’s lip topper in rose gold, focusing on the center of the lip and upper bow of the lip.”

K-beauty is constantly rising to new levels of ease and innovation, and after speaking to Elizabeth Hoel-Chang and Troy Jensen, I want in!

Inhyunjin Eye Cream, the power behind it…

So what makes this eye cream tick?

Inhyunjin eye cream combines the most advanced technologies with time-tested ingredients derived from natural Asian herbs – revealing radiant, ageless skin. Powered by ancient herbal science, this anti-aging formula naturally delivers the essential facets of skin renewal – exfoliation, hydration, regeneration and radiance – helping skin restore balance and reverse the signs of aging. It is simply amazing…here are some areas of concern it addresses!

  • Signs of aging in the delicate eye area
  • Revitalizes and helps firm skin around the eye area
  • Provides moisture and works to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.
  • Leaves eye area soft, smooth, and refreshed

What is unique about this eye cream and makes it so special is this 3 Part Formulation:

  1. Fermented Yurisu – Patented innovation involving extraction and fermentation of key herbal ingredients
  2. Gu-jeung- po-dan’ Method – Exclusive to Inhyunjin, six beneficial ingredients are steamed and dried nine time in 50 days to boost absorption rate in skin…wowza!!
  3. Matagenin – Patented technology avoids damage to the efficacy of the ingredients and maintains integrity of formula



Sunflower Seed Oil –  When applied to skin, sunflower seed oil can be effective against acne, eczema, scarring, redness and irritation? It’s an incredible hydrating agent. Sunflower oil helps retain moisture; it’s high in Vitamin E, A, C and D as well.


Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract – is valued for the Paeoniflorin active, which has an antioxidant effect similar to Vitamin E. It also stimulates circulation with overall skin beautifying properties.The botanical prevents lipid peroxidation in the epidermal cells for healthy skin. Its extract has been used medicinally for centuries to boost microcirculation, treat inflammation and relieve pain.


Peach Kernel Extract – This moisturizing oil is great at nourishing the skin without leaving a greasy feel.   It is rich in Vitamin E, making it a popular choice for mature skin formulations.

Coconut And Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil – Coconut oil melts on the skin as soon as you apply it, without leaving any kind of residues. It easily seeps into the skin pores, moisturizing deeply and thoroughly. Coconut oil can preserve the smoothness of the face by keeping it wrinkle-free. It is a structural protein in the inner layers of skin, it’s what keeps the skin elastic and smooth. The triglycerides in the oil attract protein molecules, ensuring timely repair of the collagen layer.


Astragalus Membranaceus Root Extract –

Do you want to keep your skin firm and young-looking? Chinese researchers treated human skin cells with astragalus root. The skin cells produced more hyaluronic acid.

That’s important because without hyaluronic acid, your body can’t make collagen. No collagen means tired, sagging, wrinkled skin. It also protects against the breakdown of elastin. That’s a protein that keeps your skin flexible. In an 8-week clinical trial, researchers showed that applying an astragalus face cream improved texture, elasticity and skin tone.

Buy it here: SMD Cosmetics Eye Cream

Top Hollywood Industry Make-Up Artist Loves SMD Cosmetics and has shared her OWN before and after pics!! No Filters and no retouching!!!

Top Hollywood Industry Make-up Artist, Elizabeth Hoel Chang, is over the moon with SMD products!!  She is not only GORGEOUS but SUPER talented!  She has only been using our products for a month and has seen DRAMATIC results!!! Elizabeth is a seasoned, award-winning expert make up artist and is currently working at “This Is Us.”  Elizabeth is an Hollywood Industry Leader and has worked on countless high profile projects as HEAD MAKE-UP ARTIST including,”The Kroll Show”, “Parks & Recreation”, and “The House!” We are so blessed to have her support and love!!

Elizabeth has been using SMD’s Saromae Quintessential Snail Serum and Inhyunjin Emulsion for less than a month and here’s what she had to say, in  HER OWN WORDS!  She also sent her own before and after photos, that were untouched and taken without filters!!!

Elizabeth Hoel-Chang wrote,

         “It’s been month, and I’ve sent before and after photos, unfiltered, no makeup only        the use of the Aloe gel, Snail cream, and Inhyunjin BioNs 2. There is definitely a difference in the redness of my skin after using the three products!! I’m also pleased to report no breakouts at all!! My skin definitely loves it!! I did notice that when I ran out of the Aloe sample (after a week) my skin was dryer even after I used the BioNs 2 or Snail Cream.. so I use the BioNs 2 and the Snail Cream together to keep my skin hydrated enough. I love these products. They feel amazing on my skin, and I feel confident I’m doing good for it by using them!!”
Being that our products are approved by the Korean FDA as a proven anti-aging product means that Elizabeth’s results are not atypical… They are results that our  INHYUNJIN devotees love about our products!  We hope that you will have a chance to try it and experience it for yourself!!   will experience!  SMD Products sold here

SMD’s Alogel…when and why to use it?

At first I was wondering myself what is this SMD Alogel…do I put it on a sunburn, what?  I don’t burn!  So you can…but…that’s definitely not it’s primary use.

Aloe Vera Gel naturally soothes and hydrates the skin for anti-aging and antioxidant benefits.

  • Lightweight formula with soothing and calming properties
  • Boosts hydration for dry skin, while restoring natural suppleness
  • Helps reduce the appearance of skin bumps
  • Acts as a booster to enhance your skin care regimen
  • Leaves skin feeling soft, youthful-looking and luminous

So that all sounds fabulous!  I want all of that, no?!  So I gave it a shot…I was told my the President of SMD to use it after my toner and at the time I had some weird bumpy reaction who knows what going on by the side of my face.  She said I needed to put the Alogel on it…I do what she says most of the time.  It worked!  A few weeks later it was gone!  Love it. Further looking into what was in this product I was happy to note it was natural with natural preservatives and some great ingredients. Here are some to highlight.


Morus Alba Bark Extract – loaded with antioxidants which provides soothing and brightening benefits to the skin

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder – enhances the appearance of dry and irritated skin by smoothing, refining and restoring suppleness

Perilla Ocymoides Leaf Extract – natural oil containing high levels of essential fatty acids for soothing, cooling and calming, while also boosting plumpness, hydration and youth-enhancing benefits to the skin

It’s great to use on the whole family as well!

You can find it at SMD Cosmetics Alogel

The I N H Y U J I N Multi-Step Regimen

Let’s SIMPLIFY and breakdown the steps for INHYUNJIN!!  It will feel like when you were first learning how to drive… At first, it feels complicated and perhaps overwhelming and, once you get the hang of it, it will feel like second nature!  Just remember the shortcut, start with the lightest and most watery formulation and then end with the thickest, in texture.

For those of you who have been lucky enough to get your hands on the INHYUNJIN set, and are READY for the instructions, here it is:

1.)  First cleanse your face, thoroughly with any product that is natural and not too harsh.  (We recommend, our Saimdang Cleansing Oil).

2.)  Second step is to use the Toner.  It will be the largest of all of the bottles and it should be a white watery texture.  It is VERY healing and nourishing.  Typically, toners are used to wipe away any excess dirt and oil, but our Inhyunjin Toner is not be wasted in this manner!!  Throw away your cosmetic pads, girls (and guys, who are lucky enough to share with their very generous partners)!   Gently squirt a single pump in the palm of your hand and pat it gently into your skin.  It is super hydrating and nourishing, so your skin will just drink it up!  The heat from your hands will aid the absorption of this precious liquid, so pat away…  The Inhyunjin Toner cleanses, softens and tones the skin naturally with fermented cork tree bark extract, purifies and refines pores, while gently awakening the skin with deep hydration.  It actually helps to create a thin protective membrane on the skin to combat environmental damage.

3.)  The third step is the MOST important of all of the steps!!!  The Inhyunjin Essence is the GAME-CHANGER!!!  It’s vitamin rich formula will help to turn back time and truly change the texture and tone of your skin.  Again, take one small pump onto your fingertip and smooth it onto your face and neck, using an upward and outward motion.

4.) Fourth step is the Inhyunjin Emulsion will look and feel like a lotion, because it is.  Except like no other lotion you have EVER used!  All of SMD’s products are multi-active and multi-function.  Meaning that there are over 35-40 premium, active ingredients in each formulation, whereas most of the other products out there have only 1-3 active ingredients!  What?!   Your skin will feel like it took a deep, refreshing gulp of water after being lost in the Mojave Desert!

5.)  The Final Step for you skincare routine is the Inhyunjin Night Creme.  This last step is the MOST hydrating of all of the steps.  It is also the thickest, and creamiest of all of the steps.  It is also in the beautiful screw off top, so there is no mistaking it.  I recommend you use it in the evening, as directed, BUT, it is also AMAZING during the day, especially when the weather is particularly harsh and unforgiving.  The skin on our face is so delicate, but yet we expose it such detrimental elements like the sun, the snow, the wind and the impossibly drying indoor heater!  Please, help your skin be protected from these dreadful elements and use this cream at night to heal, hydrate and help reverse the signs of aging as you sleep.  This is the time when there is actual cell-turnover and you can really take advantage of the nourishing  properties of Inhyunjin’s PATENTED 6 medicinal ingredients that are processed 9TIMES OVER 50DAYS!!!!   The Inhyunjin Night Creme instantly drives moisture deep into the skin for long­ lasting hydration, while addressing visible signs of aging with exclusive fermented Chinese matrimony vine extracts.  You will be amazed how this powerful formula works while you sleep, to achieve silky­ smooth skin by morning!!!

The FINAL bonus is that with normal and recommended daily use, the products are designed to last about 6-8 months!!  Each product is so potent and effective that only a small amount is needed to obtain the results!

And, there you have it!  The steps to using the INHYUNJIN SET!  Please feel free to document how your skin changes with before and after pictures of yourself!  If you submit them to us, we would love to feature you!  Don’t be SHOCKED if people start stopping you on the street about your AMAZING skin!!


Cleansing Oil…what is it?!

SMD Cosmetic’s ancient herbal cleansing oil, is rich with antioxidants and minerals for safely and gently removing dirt and impurities.  Cleansing oil has the ability to safely and gently remove dirt and impurities, while maintaining skin balance and enrich the skin with moisture-rich fatty acids. I have never even heard of cleansing oil until I was introduced to this product…ok, so yes I got stuck in a little rut with my skincare.  But here is why this cleansing oil is so amazing!


Safflower Oil – this is a favorite in natural skincare because it’s a botanical alternative to synthetic emollients. It’s a potent hydrator and ideal for dry, sensitive complexions.


Apricot Kernel Oil – this lightly fragrant oil is made from cold pressing dried seeds and is packed with fatty acids, vitamins A, C, and E, and a ton of antioxidants to keep your skin looking young and moisturized!


Jojoba Seed Oil – Jojoba oil has many qualities in helping the skin cells reserve and retain moisture. It is very gentle and so it suits all types of skin even the most sensitive. It can effectively penetrate the skin easily to improve flexibility and elasticity. Jojoba Oil few of many qualities for skin are reducing wrinkles and lightening skin marks, scars and stretch marks.


Sunflower Seed Oil –  When applied to skin, sunflower seed oil can be effective against acne, eczema, scarring, redness and irritation? It’s an incredible hydrating agent. Sunflower oil helps retain moisture; it’s high in Vitamin E, A, C and D as well.

Where can you buy this amazing cleanser?  SMD Cosmetics

Inhyunjin…skincare line, why is it so amazing!?

Inhyunjin is one of the top selling SMD/Saimdang’s skincare lines currently in Korea…and why is it so amazing let me tell you!!  Inhyunjin combines the most advanced technologies with time-tested ingredients derived from natural Asian herbs. I can give the complicated scientific reason behind the miracle serums and lotions, but let me break it down for you in simpler terms.

Personally I have been using this line for over two months and I absolutely love it and professionally I have had the privilege of research and marketing this product so I have come to know if in and out very well.  Here I am just going to give you the really fun interesting info on this super duper anti-aging line!



Peach Seed Extract – Peaches offer a bounty of skin health benefits. Perhaps this is why they are used to much in luxury skincare. Pure peach extract, while expensive due to the elaborate process required to extract the oils, is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids.  These fatty acids contain linoleic acid and oleic acid which work by helping your skin retain moisture and maintain elasticity.  As a result you will also find that your skin is softer! Peach extract works with the vitamins and nutrients already in the skin to slow the appearance of aging!!  I could go on and on about this peach stuff but you get the idea.



Fermented Skincare – the next big thing in beauty…because fermented products all have shown promising effects to help with anti-aging and elasticity of your skin!! Of course this is something Asian skincare companies have been using for years! Fermented Yurisu is an
exclusive innovation by Saimdang (Patent No. 10-0537960).  It involves the extraction and fermentation of key Asian herbal ingredients.


Chinese Matrimony Vine/Goji Berries – So after reading about these babies I am now eating them daily too!  They contain amazing anti-aging properties and antioxidants which will help replenish the youth in aging skin. This is one of the main ingredients in the Inhyunjin line.  These bad boys are the most nutritionally dense fruit on the earth so slather your face in it and eat them!!  They aren’t cheap, but who cares…

wilfordii root

Wilfordii Root Extract – Another widely used herb in Asian skincare for it’s antioxidants and anti-aging properties!!  Are you getting the picture yet?!  This line is packed with natural herbs and extracts that work on anti-aging!!


Mulberry – Mulberry is just an amazing herb in skincare period. The antioxidant properties remove toxins, unclog pores, even skin tone, moisturize, and fight blemishes. Brilliant!!

So that should give you a breakdown of why we at SMD Cosmetics refer to the Inhyunjin line as the radiant, ageless, natural skincare line. I am a fan!



How your Diet Affects your Skin

But while I could rattle off my favorite skincare products in my sleep…SMD, haha…one concept I’ve only scratched the surface on is how our diet affects our skin. We’d like to think that a diet of coffee, cupcakes and wine doesn’t affect our lovely complexion in the slightest, but unfortunately, this delusional idea isn’t true.  Darn it!

1. You Are What You Drink

While there is little evidence to support the age old theory that drinking the token 8 -11 glasses of water a day will prevent or treat the signs of aging, not drinking enough water, or drinking things that dehydrate us such as alcohol or caffeinated drinks will definitely result in a mottled glow. When skin is dehydrated, its ability to return to normal when stretched is decreased, which is what happens naturally as we age. So what should you sip if plain water just doesn’t do it for you? An ideal beverage would be one rich in antioxidants without the burden of fruit derived or artificial sugars (as seen in many sports drinks). Green tea is one such drink. Its polyphenols have anti-inflammatory properties, it’s protective to the cell membrane, and it may even help prevent or reduce the risk of skin cancer. So drink green tea…that’s a no brainier!   Drinking too much of certain beverages can also do more harm than good. Milk, an excellent source of calcium, vitamin D, and other nutrients, in excess can cause unwanted pimples. Milk and other dairy products contain growth factors and hormones (regardless of organic status) that can increase oil production and cause pore blockage when in excess. Drinks high in sugar such as soda can also cause the skin to grow over and block pores as well as stimulate oil production, also potentially increasing acne breakouts. In terms of wrinkles, drinking sugary beverages increase the production of advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs), which damage collagen and elastin over time resulting in accelerated skin aging.

2. You Are What You Eat

Though easier said than done, a balanced diet is far more important in keeping wrinkles at bay than overindulging in glasses of water. Vitamins A, B, C and E, contained in a range of fruits and vegetables, help keep the skin elastic, protect it from age-related damage and help with the growth of new skin. Foods also rich in antioxidants such as blueberries, strawberries, plums, artichokes, beans, prunes, and pecans, can help the body fight off free radicals which damage the membrane of skin cells, potentially allowing damage to the DNA of that cell. The antioxidants and other phytochemicals in these fruits can help protect the cells from damage and disintegration, guarding against premature aging. In this respect, these fruits may very well help keep your skin younger looking longer.

Essential fatty acids are integral for maintaining healthy cell membranes, which is not only what act as barriers to harmful things but also as the passageway for nutrients to cross in and out and for waste products to get in and out of the cell. Because it is the cell membrane that also holds water in, the stronger that barrier is the better your cells can hold moisture. And that means plumper, younger looking skin. The best-known essential fatty acids are omega 3 and omega 6, which must be in balance for good health (and good skin). Though we all seem to get enough omega 6, many people lack omega 3s. Fish, walnut, and flax seed oil are among the best sources. Salmon, walnuts, canola oil, and flax seed all offer essential fatty acids, and therefore are also key foods for healthy skin. The state of our skin just may be enough to stave off sugar cravings, so goodbye diet soda and cookies, hello green tea and blueberries! Would you alter your diet for the health of your skin?