How to Fight Dry Winter Skin

The weather outside may be dry and frightful but your skin doesn’t have to be!  So how do we deal with these changes…because I can tell you I am already noticing I need to change things up here in California! It’s dry and my skin is saying yikes!

Start moisturizing from the inside out! Happy hydrated skin begins by drinking the recommended eight ounce of glasses of water per day. And if you are anything like me and really struggle with this drink tea, some Kombucha, natural flavored water, whatever you can! I personally love slicing a lime or lemon and adding it to a cold glass of water.

Next, prepare your skin through exfoliation! Exfoliating helps keep the top layer of your skin as fresh as possible and ready to absorb product.  It’s a myth that you need harsh beaded products to exfoliate so please be kind to your skin. No rubbing the skin raw or taking a wash cloth and scrubbing skin off! It actually causes more harm than good. Instead use exfoliating ingredients to promote dermal freshness.  Look for products with Vitamin C or glycerin. Both SMD’s Toners, Saromae and Inhyunjin are excellent choices! The Saromae Radiance line is packed with Vitamin C, E and F…these vitamins help with anti-aging, brightening, and healthier skin amount other benefits. So exfoliate and PH balance your skin with one of these amazing toners. Love them!

Finally moisturize skin from the outside in.  Moisturizer is important year-round, and particularly in winter with the skin is extra dry from the elements. I like to double up with my serums and moisturizer at this time of year. Your skin needs moisturizer twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. If you can get your hands on one of these ampoules, which come in the SMD sets, layer one of those bad boys on for a skin crisis week like I am having.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you go without sunscreen…no, no! Always use sunscreen 30 SPF or higher daily.  Please find an organic or natural sunscreen, this is sitting on your face ALL day.

In the evening finish off with a rich night cream that repairs your skin overnight.  Again consider what you are putting on your face since it will be sitting on your skin for an entire evening which is why I believe it’s so important to stick with safe and non-toxic products.  It’s a myth that we need chemicals to change our skin…the skin industry wants you to believe that, but it’s simply not true.

The most common mistake is to use too many different products with different ingredients, which irritate the skin and can cause perioral dermatitis. It is important to look at the ingredients and to make sure they are beneficial to the skin before using a product. The quality of the skin is strongly dependent on its regeneration process, which starts at 11 pm. It is highly recommended to avoid a lifestyle with too little sleep and a poor diet. My go to is the Inhyunjin Night Repair Cream. The product lasts forever and has some of the most amazing natural Asian herbs on this planet!

Top Hollywood Industry Make-Up Artist Loves SMD Cosmetics and has shared her OWN before and after pics!! No Filters and no retouching!!!

Top Hollywood Industry Make-up Artist, Elizabeth Hoel Chang, is over the moon with SMD products!!  She is not only GORGEOUS but SUPER talented!  She has only been using our products for a month and has seen DRAMATIC results!!! Elizabeth is a seasoned, award-winning expert make up artist and is currently working at “This Is Us.”  Elizabeth is an Hollywood Industry Leader and has worked on countless high profile projects as HEAD MAKE-UP ARTIST including,”The Kroll Show”, “Parks & Recreation”, and “The House!” We are so blessed to have her support and love!!

Elizabeth has been using SMD’s Saromae Quintessential Snail Serum and Inhyunjin Emulsion for less than a month and here’s what she had to say, in  HER OWN WORDS!  She also sent her own before and after photos, that were untouched and taken without filters!!!

Elizabeth Hoel-Chang wrote,

         “It’s been month, and I’ve sent before and after photos, unfiltered, no makeup only        the use of the Aloe gel, Snail cream, and Inhyunjin BioNs 2. There is definitely a difference in the redness of my skin after using the three products!! I’m also pleased to report no breakouts at all!! My skin definitely loves it!! I did notice that when I ran out of the Aloe sample (after a week) my skin was dryer even after I used the BioNs 2 or Snail Cream.. so I use the BioNs 2 and the Snail Cream together to keep my skin hydrated enough. I love these products. They feel amazing on my skin, and I feel confident I’m doing good for it by using them!!”
Being that our products are approved by the Korean FDA as a proven anti-aging product means that Elizabeth’s results are not atypical… They are results that our  INHYUNJIN devotees love about our products!  We hope that you will have a chance to try it and experience it for yourself!!   will experience!  SMD Products sold here

SMD’s Alogel…when and why to use it?

At first I was wondering myself what is this SMD Alogel…do I put it on a sunburn, what?  I don’t burn!  So you can…but…that’s definitely not it’s primary use.

Aloe Vera Gel naturally soothes and hydrates the skin for anti-aging and antioxidant benefits.

  • Lightweight formula with soothing and calming properties
  • Boosts hydration for dry skin, while restoring natural suppleness
  • Helps reduce the appearance of skin bumps
  • Acts as a booster to enhance your skin care regimen
  • Leaves skin feeling soft, youthful-looking and luminous

So that all sounds fabulous!  I want all of that, no?!  So I gave it a shot…I was told my the President of SMD to use it after my toner and at the time I had some weird bumpy reaction who knows what going on by the side of my face.  She said I needed to put the Alogel on it…I do what she says most of the time.  It worked!  A few weeks later it was gone!  Love it. Further looking into what was in this product I was happy to note it was natural with natural preservatives and some great ingredients. Here are some to highlight.


Morus Alba Bark Extract – loaded with antioxidants which provides soothing and brightening benefits to the skin

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder – enhances the appearance of dry and irritated skin by smoothing, refining and restoring suppleness

Perilla Ocymoides Leaf Extract – natural oil containing high levels of essential fatty acids for soothing, cooling and calming, while also boosting plumpness, hydration and youth-enhancing benefits to the skin

It’s great to use on the whole family as well!

You can find it at SMD Cosmetics Alogel

The I N H Y U J I N Multi-Step Regimen

Let’s SIMPLIFY and breakdown the steps for INHYUNJIN!!  It will feel like when you were first learning how to drive… At first, it feels complicated and perhaps overwhelming and, once you get the hang of it, it will feel like second nature!  Just remember the shortcut, start with the lightest and most watery formulation and then end with the thickest, in texture.

For those of you who have been lucky enough to get your hands on the INHYUNJIN set, and are READY for the instructions, here it is:

1.)  First cleanse your face, thoroughly with any product that is natural and not too harsh.  (We recommend, our Saimdang Cleansing Oil).

2.)  Second step is to use the Toner.  It will be the largest of all of the bottles and it should be a white watery texture.  It is VERY healing and nourishing.  Typically, toners are used to wipe away any excess dirt and oil, but our Inhyunjin Toner is not be wasted in this manner!!  Throw away your cosmetic pads, girls (and guys, who are lucky enough to share with their very generous partners)!   Gently squirt a single pump in the palm of your hand and pat it gently into your skin.  It is super hydrating and nourishing, so your skin will just drink it up!  The heat from your hands will aid the absorption of this precious liquid, so pat away…  The Inhyunjin Toner cleanses, softens and tones the skin naturally with fermented cork tree bark extract, purifies and refines pores, while gently awakening the skin with deep hydration.  It actually helps to create a thin protective membrane on the skin to combat environmental damage.

3.)  The third step is the MOST important of all of the steps!!!  The Inhyunjin Essence is the GAME-CHANGER!!!  It’s vitamin rich formula will help to turn back time and truly change the texture and tone of your skin.  Again, take one small pump onto your fingertip and smooth it onto your face and neck, using an upward and outward motion.

4.) Fourth step is the Inhyunjin Emulsion will look and feel like a lotion, because it is.  Except like no other lotion you have EVER used!  All of SMD’s products are multi-active and multi-function.  Meaning that there are over 35-40 premium, active ingredients in each formulation, whereas most of the other products out there have only 1-3 active ingredients!  What?!   Your skin will feel like it took a deep, refreshing gulp of water after being lost in the Mojave Desert!

5.)  The Final Step for you skincare routine is the Inhyunjin Night Creme.  This last step is the MOST hydrating of all of the steps.  It is also the thickest, and creamiest of all of the steps.  It is also in the beautiful screw off top, so there is no mistaking it.  I recommend you use it in the evening, as directed, BUT, it is also AMAZING during the day, especially when the weather is particularly harsh and unforgiving.  The skin on our face is so delicate, but yet we expose it such detrimental elements like the sun, the snow, the wind and the impossibly drying indoor heater!  Please, help your skin be protected from these dreadful elements and use this cream at night to heal, hydrate and help reverse the signs of aging as you sleep.  This is the time when there is actual cell-turnover and you can really take advantage of the nourishing  properties of Inhyunjin’s PATENTED 6 medicinal ingredients that are processed 9TIMES OVER 50DAYS!!!!   The Inhyunjin Night Creme instantly drives moisture deep into the skin for long­ lasting hydration, while addressing visible signs of aging with exclusive fermented Chinese matrimony vine extracts.  You will be amazed how this powerful formula works while you sleep, to achieve silky­ smooth skin by morning!!!

The FINAL bonus is that with normal and recommended daily use, the products are designed to last about 6-8 months!!  Each product is so potent and effective that only a small amount is needed to obtain the results!

And, there you have it!  The steps to using the INHYUNJIN SET!  Please feel free to document how your skin changes with before and after pictures of yourself!  If you submit them to us, we would love to feature you!  Don’t be SHOCKED if people start stopping you on the street about your AMAZING skin!!


Saromae Radiance Brightening Line


What is SMD Cosmetics Saromae Radiance line all about?! Well let me tell you why is it so amazing and how it makes your skin snow white!

The Natural, Innovative Skin-Brightening Solution

Saromae Radiance uses Beer Yeast Extracts, Uva Ursi/ Bear Berry Extract, and Mitracarpus Scaber Extract which all have natural skin lightening properties to help reduce the appearance of dark spots, uneven tone, age spots, old acne scars and dullness caused by sun exposure and environmental stressors, while providing antioxidants and nutrition to the skin.  Saromae Radiance also has exclusive patented ingredients that naturally help to prevent skin damage and free radical production, helping to leave skin texture more refined, brighter and luminous.

Sarome Radiance is a breakthrough in brightening technology. Powered by ancient Asian herbal elements, this advanced formula combines patented, safe, non-toxic and natural ingredients to help reduce the look of skin dullness and age spots due to environmental stressors. Skin is visibly improved for a more luminous, glowing and beautiful you.


  • White Complex™ – Exclusive formula, prized for its antioxidant benefits and outstanding effect for radiance and brightening
  • Yunbakdan™ – Patented complex, naturally reduces the look of aging skin
  • Niacinamide- Helps improve skin’s elasticity, dramatically enhances its barrier function, helps minimize appearance of discolorations
  • Malted Barley Yeast Extract – Contains essential amino acids, enhances smooth skin, improves moisture, and revives skin’s healthy tone and texture

Now if that doesn’t sound just amazing…let me add it’s NATURAL…yes NO harmful, toxic chemicals soaking into your skin.  Us woman apply skincare twice a day…that means twice a day and overnight whatever you put on your face is soaking into your skin and getting into bloodstream.  Keep is natural and safe…

Saromae Radiance is naturally preserved and with normal use, the products are long-lasting, up to 6-8 months. You can find this line at SMD COSMETICS.

Inhyunjin…skincare line, why is it so amazing!?

Inhyunjin is one of the top selling SMD/Saimdang’s skincare lines currently in Korea…and why is it so amazing let me tell you!!  Inhyunjin combines the most advanced technologies with time-tested ingredients derived from natural Asian herbs. I can give the complicated scientific reason behind the miracle serums and lotions, but let me break it down for you in simpler terms.

Personally I have been using this line for over two months and I absolutely love it and professionally I have had the privilege of research and marketing this product so I have come to know if in and out very well.  Here I am just going to give you the really fun interesting info on this super duper anti-aging line!



Peach Seed Extract – Peaches offer a bounty of skin health benefits. Perhaps this is why they are used to much in luxury skincare. Pure peach extract, while expensive due to the elaborate process required to extract the oils, is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids.  These fatty acids contain linoleic acid and oleic acid which work by helping your skin retain moisture and maintain elasticity.  As a result you will also find that your skin is softer! Peach extract works with the vitamins and nutrients already in the skin to slow the appearance of aging!!  I could go on and on about this peach stuff but you get the idea.



Fermented Skincare – the next big thing in beauty…because fermented products all have shown promising effects to help with anti-aging and elasticity of your skin!! Of course this is something Asian skincare companies have been using for years! Fermented Yurisu is an
exclusive innovation by Saimdang (Patent No. 10-0537960).  It involves the extraction and fermentation of key Asian herbal ingredients.


Chinese Matrimony Vine/Goji Berries – So after reading about these babies I am now eating them daily too!  They contain amazing anti-aging properties and antioxidants which will help replenish the youth in aging skin. This is one of the main ingredients in the Inhyunjin line.  These bad boys are the most nutritionally dense fruit on the earth so slather your face in it and eat them!!  They aren’t cheap, but who cares…

wilfordii root

Wilfordii Root Extract – Another widely used herb in Asian skincare for it’s antioxidants and anti-aging properties!!  Are you getting the picture yet?!  This line is packed with natural herbs and extracts that work on anti-aging!!


Mulberry – Mulberry is just an amazing herb in skincare period. The antioxidant properties remove toxins, unclog pores, even skin tone, moisturize, and fight blemishes. Brilliant!!

So that should give you a breakdown of why we at SMD Cosmetics refer to the Inhyunjin line as the radiant, ageless, natural skincare line. I am a fan!



Why do you need to Moisturize?!

You wouldn’t go a day without drinking water, right? Well, you shouldn’t go a day without hydrating your skin. It’s not just meant to help you today—the benefits of hydrating your skin will be visible years in the future. Here are the most important reasons to keep moisturizer close at hand.

In the short term, proper hydration makes skin look healthy. Moisturizers lock in water with ingredients like “occlusives,” which prevent water loss in heat or wind, “humectants,” which attract water to skin cells, and “emollients,” which smooth rough and flaking skin. A day after using facial lotion you’ll find skin is smoother, softer, and fresher-looking.

Using moisturizer has proven benefits for the skin over the long haul. Hydration is what allows skin to function at peak performance. Skin cells in this condition can rapidly repair themselves and turnover fresh cells, which means huge anti-aging benefits down the road. In this study from the British Journal of Dermatology, those who used moisturizer were found to develop wrinkles at a fraction of the rate of those with dry skin. For men, moisturizing is particularly important. In another study, researchers found that being a male makes one more likely to show signs of aging.

If the above wasn’t enough to compel you to moisturize, consider this: it’s insanely refreshing. Along with a quick teeth brushing, there’s no better way to transition from the office to the bar. While there are options for every skin concern, you really can’t go wrong: any moisturizer at all is better than none.

Moisturizing reduces the chances of skin problems. Using the right kind of moisturizer for your skin can help maintain its balance. When skin is too dry or too oily, many common skin problems like acne start to pop up.

Moisturizing can reduce the appearance of other blemishes. Freshly moisturized skin has a healthy sheen, which can even out any existing blemishes.

Moisturizing helps your skin stay young. The most sensitive areas of your skin – the face, ears, neck, and chest – replace themselves more often than any other area on your skin. This daily loss of skin cells leaves these areas vulnerable to the dryness and the elements – in fact, they are highest-risk areas for skin cancer. Moisturizing can help give your sensitive skin the boost it needs to repair itself and stay healthy.

Moisturizing fights wrinkles. That plump, firm feeling in your face after moisturizing isn’t an illusion. According to the British Journal of Dermatology, people with properly moisturized skin accumulate wrinkles at just a fraction of the rate of those with dry skin.

Make sure you’re choosing a moisturizer that works for your skin. SMD Cosmetics has moisturizing products that work for any kind of skin, from dry to oily. If you’re unsure of what direction to go with in our vast range of products reach out and ask one of us…we want you to have the best outcome for your skin!